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Hold on Tight: Cadherins

A two page magazine article featuring cadherin proteins.


Structures were accessed from the Protein Data Bank then modeled in UCSF Chimera and Cinema 4D using the ePMV plugin. Models were rendered in Cinema 4D and finally edited using Adobe Photoshop and  Adobe Illustrator. 

Client: Derek Ng

Audience: Interested public

Format: Print (magazine), 11 x 17"

Media: UCSF Chimera, Cinema 4D, Adobe   Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Date: July 2018

Process Work



PDB IDs: 3Q2V, 4ZT1, 3L6X, 1I7W, 4IGG, 4K1O, 1J6Z, 3LUE.

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