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I started the MRP Notes Google doc as an easy way to ctrl+F the solutions to my repetitive Maya problems during my Master's Research Project. It has since expanded into multiple other docs covering Maya, After Effects, ZBrush, Molecular visualization, and miscellaneous other functions in other programs.

These aren't fully extensive guides, but my hope is that they will help working artists (including myself) and current students find solutions to annoyingly specific problems a little faster. I'm constantly adding to them as I learn more. 

Basic notes for Maya that I needed for my MRP, a bit on the ZBrush-to-Maya workflow, a bit more on Adobe After Effects, and basics of Adobe Audition.

Ever-increasing notes on Maya. This has more depth than the MRP doc on fluid simulation, nParticles, rigging, UV mapping, and XGen.

Notes on After Effects that include the basics of footage and compositions, to some more specific notes on object tracking and shape animation.

An overview of visualizing proteins. How to find proteins with the Protein Data Bank, UniProtKB, & OPM, and visualize them in Chimera, ePMV, and Molecular Maya.

Notes on the basic workflow in ZBrush, including sculpting tools, texturing, painting, and exporting maps and models for use in rendering software.

Miscellaneous, very fragmented notes on specific functions in Adobe Bridge, Cinema 4D, Clip Studio Paint, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere.

Very basic notes on using Blender 2.8+ coming from a background in Maya. Includes basic navigation in the interface, and an overview of some modelling tools.

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